Innovate Like A Turtle

A Guest Blog By Kim Murphree

Turtle Integration

So recently I have been doing a lot of research on Google Tools, Gamification and using images in the classroom.  Throughout my research, a prevalent thought has run throughout all the literature- SLOW IT DOWN! From Alice Keeler to Kathy Schrock this overreaching idea has permeated the scene. On a personal note “I Heart Turtles” so I have worked on a way to visually represent this idea… originally this idea was just for Gamification but I really feel that this transcends one educational technology integration concept and really applies to all tech integration.

The idea is simple:

Start Slow- Begin any integration in a small way…. maybe part of one activity, maybe just one device or the activity as a whole group, or maybe even substitute the tech with tangible manipulatives….

Figure Out the Systems- Determine what is going to work in the system you are in.  Remember, systems are often complex and contain a lot of moving parts.  Systems can be the culture or climate of your classroom from class to class, maybe it’s what, how much, and how reliable is the technology you have, it could also be what technology is allowable in your particular teaching situation. Figuring out the systems may take time, but the preparation time pays off in the end.

Expand Slowly- I think of this step as the “slow your roll” section.  Often times the excitement of the possibility of success overwhelms the ability to edit integration.  It is very easy to want to saturate the integration in an attempt to kickstart the potential improvement you know is there.  This can very easily lead to overlooking necessary processes in the classroom, or even just burning kids out on the activity which can defeat the whole idea.  Moving through these steps slowly and thoughtfully  and making necessary edits and revisions in the integration process along the way is definitely the way to go.

 Thanks for your contribution Kim.  Check out Kim’s blog! Or follow on Twitter @murphree_kim

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