Plug into success

What does that really mean to plug into success?  Well to me that means to connect to others that are vibrant and excited about education.  Enthusiasm is contagious and once you connect or plug into it, it can change your day or even your week.  One of the best experiences I had this last summer was at the Apple Distinguished Educators conference where I was surrounded by the most amazing people from across the entire Americas region.  That energy and enthusiasm that was at the conference completely refuelled my energy and also gave me a powerful continued connection into the school year by staying in touch with peers.  The community of educators that I can bounce ideas back and forth is one of the greatest resources to me.

Many times I feel that we are discouraged to share ideas outside of our own districts and to keep our recipes for success to ourselves so that we can be the best! I disagree, I think it is especially important to connect outside of our district across our countries and even across the world to find new ideas to find inspiration, to inspire other and not only plug into a new energy source of other educators across the globe but to be an example. Share our success as well as our failures so that others can see and learn by example.  All of us teachers have at one point or another learned from others- so why stop now.  Find a community or group of educators in your city, state, country or in the world that you feel a connection to and plug into success together!


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