Hidden Gems

I’ve had the unique opportunity to be an Administrative Intern at one of our campuses in the district.  What an amazing experience that has turned out to be.  I thought that I knew enough information about all our High School in MISD to be considered knowledgeable, but I was shockingly surprised with what actually took place at our Career school.

At Ben Barber, the students were creating culinary masterpieces in the same hallway as they were constructing a giant reindeer.  The law enforcement classes help mock trials in a courtroom while also practicing searching procedures in the “jail” cell that they have.  Walking down the foreign language hall, you could hear Chinese, Russian, Latin and Spanish while close by American Sign Language was also being taught.  The fourteen programs of study offered here at Ben Barber completely set up the students to be successful but also get an in-depth experience to see if that is the career that they would like to pursue.

I believe all districts have these pockets of excellence happening and I think it is essential that we get the word out on all the amazing opportunities that these students have and what these teachers are able to do with their programs of study. Communication is essential to making these pockets of excellence known not only to other teachers at the school, the district but also all the stakeholders of the community so that we can celebrate in the success of our students.


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