The BEST of TCEA 2016

How hard is it to summarize a whole week worth of a conference into one blog entry?  When you think of the content covered then yes it would be very hard.  One thing I think was great was the enthusiasm that all the presenters had for their own content. You could  clearly see that they were passionate about what they were presenting over. I also enjoyed the diversity of the topics being covered.  Each presentation that I attended was from a different district in Texas and to see how others have been successful in their own districts is always inspiring.   So the best thing, or at least, the best word that I can associate with TCEA this year would be INSPIRING.

Some of the best presenters that I had the privilege of meeting or reconnecting with include but are not limited to the following: (some of these presenters saw me mulitple times)

However, the most valuable tool that I received from TCEA this year was connecting with educators across the state of Texas and beyond.  The amount of knowledge that was contained in the conference space was staggering.  Alan Blankstein  states it best when he says “the answer is in the room”.   While being able to reconnect with teachers that I haven’t seen in years, to making new friends.  The experience of being together with educators in setting where everyone is hungry to learn is amazing.  

The knowledge is out there for us to use, to be inspired and to help make our schools better.  We just need to connect! The standard does not just simply apply to students.  We as teachers also need to be lifelong learners, we need to embrace all the different ways we can learn, not only through our own district professional development and PLC’s but also from different connections across the state.

One of the best things that we can do as educators is to share our successful projects, lessons or ideas.  Because it could inspire another and then in turn, you will not only have influenced your own class or school but that lesson could become a staple lesson across the state.  



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