OMG Google

The Omni box is more than just a search box.  It can be used as…

  • A conversion tool
  • To play the odds, flipping coins and finding probability
  • Graphing tool by graphing math equations
  • Translation tool
  • Comparison tool
  • To find the original picture on the web, by uploading a picture in search tools

Some of the things that you probably did not know that Google or Google supported apps can do:

Newsela: This converts an news story to the appropriate reading level needed for students from second grade to twelfth grade.

GeoGuessr: Allows you to compete with others by guessing a location of a street view image on a Google map.

Geosetter: Teachers can use this to create their own games for their students to strengthen their geographical knowledge.

Google Goggles: Allow Google to search its databases, and provide you with immediate information on the location. This is an app and not web-based.

Google FlightsFind the cheapest flights and the best travel routes. One of the best tools out there that can save you tons of money.


A special Thanks to Kim Murphree who is an expert of all things Google that taught us all some of these Google Tips.


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