Power of a Team

There is a popular meme going around on social media that states “Behind every successful teacher is a tribe of other successful teachers who have their backs” There is so much truth to this statement.  Individually teachers are great, but the true power of a teacher lies in the team that they surround themselves with.  Versions and variations of these teams can be found in a variety of formats ranging from simple support from another teacher, Professional Learning Communities, content team’s, coaching staff and much more.

One of the biggest reasons that teachers have not always wanted to collaborate is due to feeling that they are giving away some of their best work, lessons or materials.  This mindset that has developed has to change.  Haven’t we all been inspired by another teacher, lesson or idea before?  As teachers, we do this all the time.  Establishing a community of collaborators is one of the best and most effective ways to change the culture of a school and to move forward towards common goals.

Together as a team teachers can bring so much to the table.  Alan Blankstein says it best when he says “the answer is in the room”, with the amount of teaching experience, content knowledge and leadership potential each team has, it is no wonder great things happen when teachers work together.  Working as a team can bring forth untapped potential and lead a school to greater heights as well as serve as a support group and idea board for teachers in general.  By surrounding ourselves with teachers that have the same mission and desires as we do, we place ourselves in a position that we can constantly getting re-energized and willing to take greater risks.  



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