Learners as Leaders

Travis Allen said it best “Students are NOT leaders of tomorrow, they need to be leaders today”  We need to include students in the decision-making process, we need to challenge them to solve problems and not give them solutions all the time. Taking the meaning of student- centered beyond the classroom and applying it to the school culture itself.  

The beauty of student leadership is there are so many different opportunities for these.  Here are two ways to help start a culture of student leadership. This will inspire students to make changes necessary for success instead of requiring the change.   

Genius Hour:

Genius hour combines choice and voice and makes learning come alive. Allowing students to choose their passions and develop that further.  They take learning to a deeper level and start learning to give constructive feedback to others.  To allow students to take ownership of their learning and allow them to educate others over their passions.  Developing a program where students are encouraged to take risks and explore.


EdCamp blends leadership with technology, training students over the summer and then allowing them to be leaders during the school year.  By selecting a few students from each grade, a core group of students will be formed at a campus; greater leadership skills will be fostered while troubleshooting technology problems and giving feedback to campus leaders. As a result, a new generation of leaders will grow who are savvy with technology skills and have the opportunity to learn strategies and skills that will allow their leadership potential to soar.  



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